Abolish the Police?

My opinion is, the only people, in this country that would want to ‘completely abolish the police department’ would be people that just woke up from a 1930s comer from Germany, Japan or Italy war time and or criminals!


Defund definition is – to withdraw funding from. Recent Examples on the Web No, Biden has explicitly rejected the call by some on the left to defund the police.

I was on a call to lend a hand to one of my helpers under distress, a problem with an uncontrolled fire in a boiler he was working on!

The reason for this statement was, because the fire department was given no clue they showed up by emptying three fire stations to the call.

A house in distress does not need three ‘hook n latter trucks?

Nor does a small town need 4 or 5 assault battering ram trucks!

In a small town, one maybe two assault truck should suffice?

That would be a time to think about defunding wouldn’t you agree?

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg



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John Robert Lewis

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