1,445ish and counting (trumpcare)!

About 1,445 days ago trump and pence with the help from McConnell and the Republican Party were able to wrestle the Whitehouse from Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine the true leaders!

Pence just said; for about the 50ish time, that in a two weeks trump will have coverage for all (insurance policy)?

This country already had coverage for all (insurance policy you have been calling Obamacare)!


For all of those 1,445ish days the trump republicans have been in this county’s lower courts (spending your tax money), to systematically disassembling your ‘Affordable health coverage’!

So, we are the losers and fools?

So with 27ish day before Election Day and after the two weeks, you get to look over your newest insurance policy.

That is if pence and trump have finely found the truth?

Do you really believe that they have reversed their thinking and the cost from your tax-money spent in those lower courts and today they are telling you the truth?

Who is the losers and fools now?

Love and blessings from

Creator to You All

Shechaim Ohjieshan

“Real change, enduring change happens one step at a time.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg



“Don’t get scared,

It’s your country, take it back”!




“This is our Watch”!

John Robert Lewis

“Good Trouble”!

(“Never Give Up”! – “Never Give In”! – “Always Keep The Faith”)!

John Lewis’ Last Words