The Two Stooges signed a senate bill?

Well I feel comfortable now, how about you?

Of all the bills that the senate should be voting on their top priority is ‘Light in the daytime’!

How about paying the employed the same as your boss (we the people), has to pay you!

How about passing a stimulus bill that will actually care about your Floridians and the country?

How about the Equal rights for Floridian Women?

How about the unemployment in your state and the country?

How about telling your leader to leave ‘Social security’, ‘Medicare’, ‘Medicaid’ and ‘Obamacare’ alone?

Florida senators introduce bill that would keep US on daylight saving time during pandemic

Then and only they we can think about the time of light in the daytime!

All three rose to power at the expense of our tax money and now they are at it again!

When will this state and the country ever learn?

WESH Sep 16, 2020

Taw-but-ni (Thank-you for the visit).

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