Their God has many names

Israel, UAE, Bahrain sign peace accord at White house

Israel and her Arab cousins have been at war and at peace since

‘their God’

gave Abram the name Abraham and the

Promise Land’!

Checking history of the land in question, there was no country in that area back then? 

Their God has many names.


This will go on until the end of time!

trump hosts officials from Israel, UAE and Bahrain, but unclear what deals will do


SEP. 15, 2020

The UAE and Bahrain would become only the third and fourth Arab countries to formally open ties with Israel, a country most Middle Eastern nations have long refused to recognize, in part for its failure to resolve the conflict with Palestinians.

White House officials were planning an elaborately choreographed ceremony, describing the agreements as major “peace treaties,” even though Israel is not at war with either country and already enjoys business and security ties, albeit discreetly, with both Arab countries.

Tensions between the Zionist movements and the Arab residents of Palestine started to emerge after the 1880s,

Taw-but-ni (Thank-you for the visit).

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