Embryo becomes a fetus become a baby

While listen to an interesting debate that turned out to be on a (Vote for trump Christian radio station).

The preacher stated something that I would like to write to you with a few changes?

He stated that, he does not allow his children watch ‘Paid Television’ for the same reason he does not allow them to ‘drink from the toilet’!


Think about that, never mind that he said this on a live radio station for all ages to hear?


I say

“Mister Preacher, I do not allow my dogs to watch your president on television for the same reason you do not allow your children to drink from your toilet”!

How can a preacher, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ (The Word of Your God), and still ask your parishioners to vote for this president?

How do you sleep at night, or do you?

If Christians have a problem with who, what, when and the where they believe that an embryo becomes a fetus become a baby get off your lazy butt and write a bill with your idea?

In 2007, Nearly one-third or 31.2% of the world’s population is considered to be Christian. 

Don’t blame the blameless and don’t vote for a ‘filthy, mouth,  white supremacist, self-centered slob, vote for anyone with your own beliefs?

Taw-but-ni (Thank-you for the visit).

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