Don’t be surprised…. RenxKyoko Uncensored

Boy am I in trouble with Word press my ‘good friend’!
Please keep up the good (GREAT), work? 👍❤👌🤞

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WordPress had notified me of a spike in my viewership 2 or 3 times these past 2 months…. and the source of the spike are my “uncensored and unfiltered ” posts that question my belief in the policy platform of the Democratic Party and my rants againts the government of China, which I’m sure many of my ” progressive” readers find discomfiting. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, that’s the problem, never mind that the “ friend “ has been violating freedom of the press and speech, human rights, brazen expansionism , ethnic and cultural cleansing in Tibet, Mongolia and the Uyghurs minority in China, and destruction of environment and wildlife. ( Not to mention organ harvesting going on in China ) Check out ,on my post, BBC’s report on 267 Chinese fishing vessels in Galapagos Island. They cannot even spare that piece of the vast ocean from…

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