Red, Yellow and Blue?

No matter the color of your political party Floridians must learn to stick together in order to save our state from its self!

Florida governor says younger people drive COVID-19 surge

AP – June 20, 2020

Red, Yellow and Blue?

Republicans/Independent/ Blue is just what has been destroying our towns, cities and the state of Florida because governors only do what is best for themselves, for instance, DeSantis will only do what is best for him and trump!

Republican Governors from 1998 to 2020 Enough is Enough!

For the third consecutive day, Florida announced a record number of new coronavirus cases Saturday. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is downplaying a continued rise in confirmed coronavirus cases after the state reopened by saying more younger people with no symptoms are being tested. He also hinted Friday that recent protests over the death of George Floyd in Minnesota might drive up positive tests, and said some people have started to disregard advice to wear masks, social distance and avoid large crowds. Florida has had more than 93,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, resulting in more than 3,100 deaths. The state has allowed bars, restaurants and some theme parks to reopen, and since then cases have spiked.

Here is the latest:

93,797 cases in Florida

4,049 increase in cases from Friday’s count

3,144 deaths of Florida residents

Masks mandatory in Orange County beginning Saturday

Cruise industry suspends U.S. sailing to mid-September

Lets see the count come Aug. 24-27. In Jacksonville Florida?

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