There’s never been a spike in Florida!

Quotes from the people caught up in a lie!

“There’s never been a spike in Florida. It’s been relatively modest,”?

DeSantis replied.

“I did not have sex with that woman”?

“I am the best president ever”?

“I do not know how my gun went off 37 times”?


Florida’s number of confirmed coronavirus cases is over 70,000 and climbing, prompting many to wonder if a second statewide shut down could be in the future.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would not say Thursday if he would ever reverse some of the reopening if cases and hospitalizations increase, but he did say he doesn’t think there is really a spike in cases. The governor was asked about recent trends showing increases in COVID-19 cases. “There’s never been a spike in Florida. It’s been relatively modest,” DeSantis replied. 

But health officials in Central Florida say they are seeing a spike. Cases in Orange County have been on the rise in recent days and in Seminole County, there had been an average of about four new cases a day, but they have had more than 100 since last Friday.

Here is the latest:

Central Florida student initiative program works to help seniors amid COVID-19

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