trump is right; we should only have ‘loser statues’

trump is right; we should only have ‘loser statues’ – ‘loser names’ and ‘loser flags’ on our military bases in our cities and towns and on our government buildings in the United States of America!

Fort Knox could be named (Fort Benedict Arnold)?

Christopher Columbus Statue could be replaced with a Statue of (Adolf Hitler)?

The American Flag can be replaced with the British Flag?

trump the guy that keeps saying that he only likes winners (John McCain)!

Claimed that military bases honoring Confederate generals who lost the Civil War are too important to America’s “history of Winning, Victory, and Freedom” to rename.


JUNE 11, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for Confederate statues to be removed from Capitol Building

Jeanine Santucci

USA TODAY June 11th 2020

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