‘trump Slams Fox News’????

‘trump Slams Fox News’????
Is this the beginning of the end of the ‘sexual love affair’ between ‘Mr. Fox News and Mr. trump’?
Fox News’s Neil Cavuto and a contributor to his show
found themselves the subjects of a lengthy tirade by trump at his rally in Colorado Thursday night.
For roughly ten minutes, trump went on about his performances in the 2016 debates,
holding up papers with polls showing how well he did in the debates,
and taking the occasional shot at Cavuto and the contributor, A.B. Stoddard of RealClearPolitics. 
While taking his standard shots at the media, trump added,
“Fox is not that much better, we just got lucky
‘cause we have some…all their high-rated shows are the shows that like trump.
All their loser shows, like Cavuto, are the shows that don’t like trump.”
Earlier in the day while discussing
Mike Bloomberg’s dreadful performance in the Democratic debate Wednesday night,
Stoddard mentioned trump’s poor showings in the 2016 debates. 
“I think that donald trump had disastrous debate performances,”
Stoddard said.
“Many answers were so cringeworthy you just couldn’t even believe
he was still standing on the stage, and he’s president.”
trump Slams Fox News’ Cavuto, Says He Won ‘Every One’ Of His Debates With Hillary Clinton