Visits from the United Kingdom (thank-you)

On 02/17/2020

I had 13 visits to two of my blogs from the United Kingdom and as usual it set me to
‘Day dreaming’ back to my visits to your countries while in the military back in the 1960s.
As I have posted through the years (1983), your countries always treated me as family,
maybe because many of my ancestors came from your
‘Beautiful countries of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales’.
All I had to do was ask for a cab to any place without our military or tourists, to visit
and maybe meet possible ancestors and take pictures for my elders,
only one drawback,
my Native American Blood cannot take to the drink! 🙂
I, as a Native American
know about the treatment from tourists and other tribes to my little village
and did feel your pain, enough said?
I sure did enjoy my visits to your pubs for storytelling.
Even today’s movies, I get to brag on the pub scenes!
London England 3 times to
London once to
Edinburgh twice,
Edinburgh once to
Scotland to
Sheffield England (3 times),
Sheffield once to
I did have a few visits some time ago from Wales and miss their questions.
 Interesting fact,
I have had more visits from your countries and a few others in Europe then
from many, from my own county’s states!
I believe that the reason is,
because our people never
bragged in movies
(non-native actors),
about our conflicts, battles and wars?