Florida Christians have a new sign now!

While going shopping today
we noticed new signs going up around Florida!
Many driveways have had blue and white
‘I Love My Church’ signs
at the entrance to their property.
Now they are starting to show their true
feeling about their beliefs!
My Lord is not now and will never be
a ‘Christian’, at least
not this group
of christians!


we were driving through a town, speed limit 40MPH
A pick up truck sporting that sigh passed us through a double yellow line 
doing ______MPH and gave Donna the finger for driving too slow?
Can you imagine Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, or any of the
Profits and Teachers of the Bible, Quran, Tanakh
using this filthy garbage over their home?
How about President Ronald Reagan and/or Nancy
(Muhammad), Mahatma Gandhi, (Madiba), (Reverent Bill Graham Sr.)
President Jimmy Carter, President Hillary Clinton, you, your family or friends?