Chanhassen, Minnesota

Tah and I have been across the ‘Mac Bridge’ (ONCE) in the winter!!!!

Welcome to my visitor from the city of Chanhassen, Minnesota
To a posting on just how low a human is willing to get before any comprising!
Floridian’s still genuflect in servitude
Friday, February 14, 2020
You cannot understand what is going on in Florida unless you have spent time in any state still trying to change
‘History back to just before losing’ the ‘Civil-War’ called (Slavery)!
I came to Florida from New England, ‘Tah from California’ over 16 years ago and still cannot believe the
(Venomous Hate for anyone not Nazi-White)!
If you have been to ‘Indiana’ you might have had at least a little taste?
Mind you there in nothing wrong with say,
German White, African Black brown or tan, Chinese Yellow, Native American, copper, bronze, brown or tan and Spanish copper, bronze, brown or tan.
The problem comes when one or more of these skin colors wants to dominate the others the way that the ‘Orange Guy’ in our White house keeps trying to do.
You and I, will never truly be able to fully comprehend the need to ‘Kneel’ before this, so called ‘leader of their underworld’ (Old Orange Face)!
You might have notice my feeble attempt by calling out these Red-states, still stuck in poverty and still of the Republican Party?
Extremely poor states like
Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Nevada Arizona Louisiana’ West Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and even Indiana!
Poor Republican States.

Seems that as long as they are allowed to (HATE), they are poor but happy?