We Serve All Who Served

If the Veterans Administration does not discriminate, why should our
(Whitehouse, Oval Office and/or our government)?

The Definition of a Veteran
Oct 25, 2011
Also keep in mind many living veterans today of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam didn’t volunteer but were drafted under penalty of law.
It was into the military or jail.
I believe all who served deserve a thank you whether in combat or not.
It takes a military to defend the country and we can’t all be lucky enough to serve in combat.

The Definition of a Veteran

Yesterday was my yearly visit to the V.A. Clinic, my new doctor, an army doctor was serving at an Army base
when Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico in September 2017,

While he was serving you, his family was on the island of Puerto Rico!
I write this to remind you that, our families served you every minute that we serve you.
I also wish to remind you that (Mr. Bone Spurs) ‘Did Not Serve You’ Then
Is ‘Not Serving You Now’!
trump and the trump republicans are not serving your interest while ‘hundreds of millions’ of immigrants
of all color, race, and beliefs are serving your interests!
I know that you know that citizens of Puerto Rico are not immigrants.
I also know that you know that although not immigrants are now being treated as immigrants by this government.
Remember; the (trump republican controlled congress both senate and the house from 2016 until 2018),
forced through congress many of trump thugs in office to guarantee that the bully (trump),
could systematically destroy your constitution an your government
that is now falling into a new communist country, called ‘Little Moscow’!