Pilot & Wife survive plane crash in St. Cloud Florida

Pilot & Wife survive plane crash in St. Cloud Florida it took 4 hours for first responders to find them?
This is sad and greedy to me!
I do understand the grief of seeing your spouse in constant pain and not being able to do a thing about it.
However; it took those 4 hours because ‘First Responders were not notified’, between ½ to 1 hour after being notifies and only because no one was sure of a plane crash or false alarm!
My problem is,
Shouldn’t pilots of down or possible downs planes without a proper watch tower, be angry with those airports instead of ‘First Responders, response time”?

Today we see/hear plane crashes some place in the world every day.
We now have thousands of commercial planes, thousands of private planes and hundreds of small planes in thousands of airports, thousands of ‘Drones’ and millions of flying birds and all competing for air space!
It is unconscionable to me, knowing that airports are allowed without a proper 24/7 way to monitor planes!
Pilots need to think about this before picking an airport or trying to land in one!
The Federal Government is not going to help you, you are not important enough.
So, if no plane owners use those airports, they will either change or go belly-up!
The life you save could be yours or mine?