Pachaquak, Valatie, New York

Sachem Sagamore Shechaim Chief
Sachem is a Whiteman’s bastardized Shechaim.
Sagamore is a leader from north of the border
that floated down south
to some of our other brother and sisters tribes.
Shechaim a leader of many of the ancestors tribes.
Chief are of the west of the Mississippi river tribes.
Welcome to Pachaquak, Valatie, New York,_New_York
‘Shechaim Chief, Anthony Van Dunk’
Welcome to our neighboring state of New York
Question for any New York citizen?
Have you an ancestor or two that traveled through Ellis Island?

Ellis island;
How many of your ancestors have a bastardized name?
Well so do most of the Native Americans in and around New England, New York and New Jersey because those same people that bastardized your ancestors names also were bastardizing our ancestors!