Welcome Centereach, New York

Welcome Centereach, New York
Better yet never forget, “I have no use for any
‘Back Stabbing Undercover Politicians”.
That said and knowing the truth is always the truth!
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A DNA test cannot tell Native American Roots

If you are of a ‘Traditional tribe’ in or around the New York, New England, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and parts of Northeast Canada, you know that our people become protectors and teachers of the ancestors, culture and ceremonies from birth to death.
If you are older you should be teaching and protection any tribal member younger than you.
The end of this month I will have been an elder for yet another year (78).
For almost all of these years I have been learning and teaching, exception 6 years in the military.
When I tell you that in the above mentioned states there are ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of our people who this government and its government Indians faulty claim that each are not recognized people.
This is called

(Assimilation by your government and it is wrong)!