Is Elizabeth Warren a ‘Back Stabber?

To My dear friend and your democrat. Joe Kenney, did he also forget our past?
Is Elizabeth Warren a ‘Back Stabbing Undercover Republican’?
Well is Bernie Sanders a ‘Back Stabbing Independent’?
There are a few hundreds thousand democratic voters, not me of course, that keep saying,
“If you voted for Hillary Clinton to be your president, and are looking for reasons why the Whitehouse is without President Hillary Clinton and is now a ‘Cesspool of corruption and in turmoil’?
Please check the history?
Warren was backing Sanders!
Elizabeth Warren was stabbing Hillary in the back until Hillary defeated that other Back Stabber, Bernie Sanders”!
Elizabeth Warren is a ‘Lifelong republican’!
Bernie Sanders is a ‘lifelong Independent’!
In the words of that
‘Great philosopher’ Forest Gump,
The Democratic Party
“Was as stupid as stupid is”!

Hillary Clinton relied of your Democratic party to open up all of the states in your country for her to speak about her plan for you and your country, the Democratic party let her and you down!

trump is a lifelong Russian