Welcome to our neighboring state of New York

Welcome to our visitor from our neighboring state of New York about one of our postings about a few of our trips around ‘Native America.’
 This one to New Jersey at a gathering (powwow).
Before going into this post, how about we take another trip back in time by remembering the teaching of my elders (as with all elders), about our ancestors, culture and ceremonies?
Remember, my teachers (Elders), were all of the elders at our meetings, Paw-pause and gathering, in and around Native American country.
And a few times also from Indian country.
Let’s go back to ‘Shechaim Unkas’ and before?
Before the French and English incursion of both ‘Indian and Native American country’, Chief in tribes in Indian country ruled and Shechaim’s ruled the land east of the Mississippi river.
‘Shechaim Chief, Anthony Van Dunk’
The Ramapough and decolonization – Anthony Van Dunk

Shawnee Elder Tah (Donna) and I met ‘Shechaim Chief, Anthony Van Dunk’ a number of times at his gatherings.
The Ramapough Lenape Indians are an East coast people, or were at that time?
In other words, a Matriarch Tribe.
How can a tribe, a traditional tribe, vote out a Sachem (Shechaim), their leader of the tribe?
You can vote out a president, senator, congressman or woman, mayor and governor of this country.

However, a traditional tribe is none of the above!