The Impossible truth about trump’s (Pocahontas)

The impossible truth about trump’s (Pocahontas) Elizabeth Warren ancestors
A fault in (DNA Testing)
First; why is everyone stuck on (Cherokee)?
Second; remember my feelings as to (Backstabbing people like Warren)!
Building up the independent, socialist, Bernie Sanders, allowing the republicans to feed off of her (half-truths)!
Third; back in the (skeletons in the closet of this country), while the army was killing, assimilating, or starving anyone in any tribe unless they knuckled under to what ‘this government view as a treaty’, the Cherokee Tribe was the only group of Native American (Indian), knuckling under!
When the army showed up at a tribe, the people, fearing for their lives, told them that they a Cherokee.

Bottom-line, Warren’s ancestors come from many states,

Maryland, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, for sure!

We must always check biography of people with out without DNA testing!
DNA TEST of Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas)?
Elizabeth Warren addresses DNA test and Native American heritage during Iowa trip: ‘Tribal citizenship is very different from ancestry’