Did you ever notice the vehicle advertisements
(cars, trucks, trailers),
once we got rid of those

‘Super-PAC- Political Ads’?
If you don’t mind not having a vehicle after 3 years,
need to buy that vehicle after 3 years,
Still pay taxes, and insurance on your car for those 3 years,

you can lease a vehicle for as little as $149.00 a month for 3 years

as much as $949.00 a month for 3 years?
IT’S ONLY A CAR (Vehicle),

No matter what you pay,
you sit, start, and drive the darn (vehicle)!
Why on earth would you pay just for a name?

If you, as a vehicle dealer, wish to out sell your opponent, you should ‘pay for an advertisement once every 3 or 4 months’ while stating in the advertisement’ the money you are saving each day on advertisements, you are going to knock off that price on the customers pay for a vehicle ?
Step back and watch the public flow into your dealership while knowing that your opponent wishing he/she had been doing is so!