General Motors Laying Off Workers (Again) Ford to follow!

General Motors Laying Off Workers (Again)
Ford to follow!
He is your president!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the last industrial anchors in what was once Ohio’s manufacturing core is now on life support, just a little over a year after Donald Trump told people not to leave and promised that jobs would come back to the area.
That’s 15,000 workers that votes ‘Republican’!
(Ohio, Michigan, Maryland)
How do you like them now,
It’s a usual stump speech line for the President, but it didn’t seem to take into account that earlier Monday GM had announced it would slash its workforce and shut production at five North American facilities in
Ohio, Michigan, Maryland and Ontario, Canada.
Some 8,000 salaried employees and 6,000 hourly workers will either lose their jobs or be reassigned to other plants, industry experts say, and more layoffs are likely coming.
Ryan told Erin Burnett on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” that he found Trump’s comments
“insulting to the almost 2,000 workers in our factory locally, and almost 15,000 workers in Michigan and Ohio.”
While the tariff is currently on hold, it represents a threat to US workers, according to the auto industry.
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama have the highest percentage of workers in the auto industry and would likely be the hardest hit states
Ford may have to cut 24,000 workers in midst of Trump trade war
By Dan Desai Martin –
October 9, 2018
“Ford has already warned that President Donald Trump’s auto tariffs have impacted the company to the tune of $1 billion, and the president’s trade policies threaten to play havoc with Ford’s ongoing reorganization,” Ford CFO Bob Shanks told NBC News.
The popular Ford Mustang could also be on the chopping block as a direct result of Trump’s trade war with China. The Mustang had been the most popular U.S. car in China before the country imposed tariffs on American-made vehicles in response to Trump’s tariffs.
Now Ford may have to cut production on its most ironically American car, which would also mean a reduction of U.S. jobs.