Florida CDL Requirements

Lately Container Trucks are involved in accidents all over our roadway.
We are seeing trucks crashed most days however;
‘Trash Trucks’?
In all states including Florida,
6 to 18 wheels and/or the weight limit,
you must pass a state/federal license to drive in this country,
does Florida know this law?

If my New England Unions were set up in Florida,
every company using these trucks would be forced to buy their drivers
the testing
the license
be fined by the state and/or federal government.
Not Drive!

Container handler trash trucks

Florida’s rich mix of tourism and nature sanctuary makes the U.S.’ Sunshine State interesting to drive through, to say the least.
With balmy weather and plenty of scenery to observe, more people live in Florida than New York State. The state is also the premier citrus grower and exporter in the United States, and has an infrastructure to match; meaning that getting your CDL in Florida is a solid job prospect.
In addition to citrus, Florida’s well maintained network of highways transport visitors to the biggest attraction in the U.S. – Disney World.
The attraction’s growing requirements for sourcing food, service and parts for its empire ensures that trucking in Florida is a viable career.