Another ‘Christian Missionary Invader’!

A (Christian missionary), is believed to have paid fishermen to ferry him to North Sentinel Island, home to a 30,000-year-old tribe known to aggressively repel outsiders, so that he can save their people from themselves?

Keep-Out means Keep-Out!

My people, what’s left of us, are from the New England Area (New York, New Jersey, Delaware), for the most part decimated by people trying to help their god save people?
As for people ‘Created by our Creator’ of the ‘Heavens and the Earth’ do not need your forced on help!
Your gods need help gathering members, the Creator of all does not!
Your Christian Bible shows you that a ‘Loving God’ has a plan for all creation, even (the Sentinelese even you)!
Epidemics of European-introduced disease reduced the population of Native Americans in New England by 90 percent between 1615 and 1633.
Large populations of Native Americans were wiped away during the colonial period when they contracted illnesses including smallpox.
Diseases included typhus (typhus fever or spotted fever), malaria and encephalitis.
Dysentery and hypernatremia otherwise known as salt poisoning also posted a notable threat.
Smallpox was also a sinister threat at the time.
One epidemic of smallpox in colonial Williamsburg from 1747 to 1758 affected 754 people.
All of this by invaders, which made it much easier to run


over the entire ‘Western Hemisphere!

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  1. when I was a chid and read about this in school – I cried for days on end. Mankind is not the jewel in the crown on earth – and we seem never to learn from our mistakes either.


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