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To yet another extremely important posting about our people,
(The Mohiigans (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).
Traditional Native American (Indian) Burial Information
Remember, at this time with family, friends and tribal members, it is comforting, as comfortable as possible, to hold a gathering to allow everyone some kind of peace knowing that Creator is pleased to come down off the throne, take your loved one by the hand to travel the road home!
We call this a ‘Crossing ceremony’!
This is also why a true Traditional Native American Spiritual Leader wishes to follow rather than be first in a ‘Burial ceremony’.
It is the hope that any ‘religious origination personal’ will have information seekers, willing to stick around and see that we are not the ‘savages’ pictured in so many olden movies!
God, Allah, YHWH יהוה and Creator are all loved and revered by creation, as it should be.