There is only one way to stop ‘Robocalls’

There is only one way to stop ‘Robocalls’
We must never forget, it cost spammers time and money to ‘Not get you on the Phone’!
This morning on WESH 2 News was a shot (Fighting Robo Calls), at ‘Robo -calling’ (Spammers).
(1)– Do not answer the phone!
(2) –Download a Call Blocking App!
(3) –Do your research!
This home phone has been using Number one and Number three for over two years, and more important, ‘Political Spamming have slowed down to a trickle’!
The fun part is when spammers get so upset that they, every once in a while, get a little snotty to your machine!
However, we told all of our family, friends and other important calls to ‘Leave a message’ on our answering machine!
You will get a call back if you are not a spammer.
It is not easy at first to
‘Not answer your phone’.
However, it gets easier as time goes by and your phone rings less and less every day!
Still once in about 300 calls someone you wish to speak with will not leave a message.
Oh Well!
This is when Number Three comes into play, look up the number on your phone!
Today we are averaging about 3 calls a week.
Spammers have now learned how to by-pass an answering machine and get to ‘Voice Mail’
So what just stick to number one and number three and use number two if you wish?
This week 35 state attorneys general issued a joint letter (PDF) urging the federal government to step up efforts to fight illegal robocalls. They called on the Federal Communications Commission to further strengthen rules to let telecommunications service providers block certain categories of robocalls, specifically spoofed calls. “Spoofing” allows scammers to disguise their identities, making it difficult for law enforcement to bring them to justice. Just about everyone has received spoofed calls: You see an incoming call from an unknown phone number that carries your area code, and sometimes even the next three digits of your phone number, in an obvious ruse designed to trick you into answering.
“Virtually anyone can send millions of illegal robocalls and frustrate law enforcement with just a computer, inexpensive software, and an internet connection,” the attorneys general wrote in their comments to the FCC.

One thought on “There is only one way to stop ‘Robocalls’

  1. I experienced the robo and spoofed phone calls. In fact, they spoofed my number. People were calling me saying that I had called them. That resulted in me putting a rather long message to my voice mail about spoofing and that if they don’t know me and are not a business, then my number was spoofed.

    I also signed up with Once you enter a phone number into their system, they forward that number from your phone, to their own number. They also report the robo number to the FCC so we don’t have to. The only thing for me, is that the phone still rings one time before it is forwarded to nomorobo. Even if the phone number is spoofed, as long as you don’t know the owner of the phone number, you can still report it on nomorobo and in the box they provide, say that you believe the number was spoofed.


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