Rick Scott protecting pre-existing conditions?

Looks like a snake coming out of a shirt?

Rick Scott protecting pre-existing conditions?
Tue, Oct 23, 2018
Republican senate candidate Rick Scott, who as governor of Florida is currently
to end the federal requirement that insurance companies must cover pre-existing conditions, released a heartwarming new ad today saying he’s in support of

*squints at notes*
covering pre-existing conditions.
Last June, Democrats in the state’s congressional delegation sent a letter to Scott, asking him to withdraw the lawsuit. “If successful, this dangerous lawsuit that you and Attorney General Bondi have joined will harm roughly 130 million Americans, including 7.8 million Floridians, who have a pre-existing condition,” the Democratic lawmakers wrote. “And it will take us back to a time when health insurers oftentimes outright rejected, or offered severely limited coverage to, Americans with such conditions.” Obviously, Scott didn’t respond. 
Switching sides on an issue to save face is classic Rick Scott. He pulled this same little maneuver last September, tweeting that only he will save Medicare, despite he and his Republican colleagues vowing to gut the program and replace it with the old “private voucher” scheme.