I will not eat a Vulture, Lobsters’, Crawfish, Red Tide or Catfish!

Helpful and Harmful Microorganisms. Harmful Microorganisms. What does algae give us, and why is it important? Even algae can be harmful. Red tide in a lake or ocean is caused by a kind of algae that grows very fast (has nothing to do with tides, though) Some algae in a red tide contain poison that can kill fish. 

I will not eat a Vulture, Lobsters’, Crawfish, Red Tide or Catfish!



like hundreds of others are
‘Bottom Feeders’!
What is a ‘Bottom Feeder?
Bottom Feeders are like the Vulture, only they are scavengers that eat leftovers off the bottom of our waterways.
Vulture are ‘Scavenger birds’ and you know what they eat.
All four are extremely important in ‘Mother Nature’!
Only I do not wish to eat them.
I said all of that just to get to this.

What is (are), Red Tide’?

Red Tide is a ‘Group of Bottom Feeders’!
The biggest problem other then our politicians not wanting to spend money to control them is,
Humans, without knowing and/or caring, have been over feeding ‘Red Tide’ for centuries!
So now there are hundreds of thousands more of them and they are coming closer to land looking for more to eat.
What are they eating?
Out fertilizer and septic systems run-off for starters.
Warm weather,
‘Yes Governor Rick Scott’,
it is called
is bringing ‘Red Tide’ up our ‘East coast’!
We should not kill them off, we must control them!