If Florida Democrats all vote in November

If Florida Democrats all vote in November we will truly have a ‘Blue Wave’.

If Florida Democrats do what they always do in ‘midterms’ the Blue Wave will be


polluted with ‘Red Tide’!
Christian Women praying for Brett Kavanaugh, why was he bad?
How many of our senators checked with their state constituents before voting?
How many Christian senators asked for forgiveness from their God because of their vote?
If you are a voter and your senator voted against your wishes you must vote your choice!
Anyone that did not and voted against your choice must be voted against as your choice come their election!
Why would any women go to any Christian church and pray for anyone committing sins unless it would be for help to this person to a Christian repent?
I read as many history books as I can get my hands on; my most used is this old book!
This tells me that Mother Earth is on time with its history beginning to end!
How could all of these people plus many more be anything but blessed?

Isaiah 34:1-4
Jeremiah 30:7
Daniel 12:1
Joel 2:2
Zephaniah 1:15
Zechariah 14:1
1 Thessalonians 1:10
Malachi 4:5
Revelation 16:16-17