China Snuck Chips into CIA, U.S. Military, Commercial Servers

For over 30 years (36 or 37), the United States has built China from a 3rd world country to our strongest enemy, even though it has always been and will continue to be a communist country hell-bent on destroying this country, because of our (‘greed and thirst for profit’)!
Big Business paid millions to their lobbyist to pay billions to our politicians to end unions!
It started with the destruction of our unions, good or bad; they are the only line of defense from
(‘greedy business their lobbyists and corrupt politicians’)!
Our women built our war planes and they had a perfect record except for human error!
Now planes are dropping out of the sky daily!
Our Unions built our cars and trucks!
Our cars are now killing us!
And our CIA and Military are being compromised by our communist enemies!
After the ‘cold war’ Russia was deep in debt and heading into becoming a 3rd world country, until China sold our security hardware to them!
The citizens on the United States have no say in our government and now we have no control over it with our ‘Supreme court!

China Snuck Chips into CIA, U.S. Military, Commercial Servers Leaving Them Open To Hacks: Report
If accurate, this would be an unprecedented security risk and we may be hearing about more hardware tampering in the future.
By Joseph TrevithickOctober 4, 2018
The United States of America is on the fast track to becoming a 3rd world country; will Chine and Russia help us?