Sanders/Gillum 10/12 point agenda!

Why I pray that Gillum’s ‘lieutenant governor’ can talk some sense out of his bosses heart and into his head before November?
How do you get the money back out of the rich politicians, governors, state senate, state house, federal senate, federal house or from the exhausted taxpaying citizens of the United States of America?
Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton because democrats knew that his plan, although sounding great, would not work in a two/three party system.
I know that some people have many thoughts different, get over it.
As long as we have to deal with the laws in place and we keep hiring greedy selfish politicians, there will never be enough working across the aisle to push through this agenda, taking money from the rich, which included politicians, and spending it on things like job growth, insuring every citizen, feeding the poor, building highways, bridges, homes for the homeless and so on, it will only be a way to get into any political office!
Mayor Gillum’s 10 point agenda?
Economy and Jobs
Gun Safety
LGBTQ Equality
Puerto Rico
Women’s Rights
Sanders/Gillum 12 point agenda?
Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastructure
Reversing Climate Change
Creating Worker Co-ops
Growing the Trade Union Movement
Raising the Minimum Wage
Pay Equity for Women Workers
Trade Policies that Benefit American Workers
Making College Affordable for All
Taking on Wall Street
Health Care as a Right for All
Protecting the Most Vulnerable Americans
Real Tax Reform
Politicians will always ‘take from the poor, middle-class and the workers and putting it into their pockets,
as you now know!
So far the only thing good, for Sanders, is it took him from being extremely poor to being extremely rich from donations into a ‘Dream’!
Wake up Andrew Gillum and work with your lieutenant governor, Chris King on things that Floridians want and need, not what you can ‘Try to give to them’!

Taw-but-ni (Thank-you for the visit).

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