Andrew Gillum picked Chris King as lieutenant governor

I am pleased that Andrew Gillum picked Chris King as lieutenant governor, because it might be possible, before the ‘Republican Party catches on’, for Chris King to show Andrew Gillum the fact that Bernie Sanders ideas for Florida, like the Unites States, ‘Will not work’.
Because governors and the congress of the United States, like the congress of Florida, will never go along with this plan, knowing that they will lose far too many votes in 2020 and beyond!
Andrew Gillum as governor cannot do what Bernie Sanders is telling him to do without the support of the Florida Republican Congress any more than President Barack Obama could do better for America because he got no support from the Federal Government
(Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan)!
Bernie Sanders/Andrew Gillum’s political plan for Florida and the country.
Tax the rich, insurance for all, jobs for everyone, feed the poor, house the veterans, sounds great to everyone and especially veterans right?
Show me the Money!
When you have billions of tinted dollars to flood the airwaves with half-truths, fake-new and lies like Florida’s Rick Scott, it might work.
After all it worked, with the help of Russia, Wiki Leaks and crooked republicans like Ron DeSantis and Republican FBI Director James Comey in 2016!