What happened to Florida $50,000,000.00

What happened to Florida’s $50,000,000.00 tax money ‘Governor Rick Scott was said to spent on the dike at the Herbert Hoover Dam?
Remember his ad, “Bill Nelson is responsible for repairing dike at the Herbert Hoover Dam”?
So, back in October 2017 Scott took “50 million of Florida Tax Dollars to repair this dike at the Herbert Hoover Dam,” Where did the money go?
Also in October 2017 his president “promised the countries tax dollars to repair this same dike at the Herbert Hoover Dam? So, where is your tax dollars?
Trump’s budget makes his promise to complete dike by 2022 challenging
WASHINGTON — President Trump’s promise to fast-track completion of the Herbert Hoover dike surrounding Lake Okeechobee won’t be easy to honor thanks to his budget.
The $82 million Trump set aside in his 2018 budget proposal to upgrade and fortify the aging dike is slightly more than the project received this year. But unless Congress adds to that amount, Trump’s pledge to Florida Gov. Rick Scott that he would provide enough funding to finish the project by 2022 could be difficult to keep.
Given that the remaining federal share is estimated at about $930 million, Washington would have to pony up more than $200 million on average in each of the next four budgets to meet the target date. The project has never received more than $153 million in any previous year.
“While the Herbert Hoover Dike did get an increase over (2017), it still isn’t enough to fully fund construction and meet the project’s completion date,” said Rooney, whose district includes a large portion of the lake. “I look forward to working with the president and his team in trying to make them understand how important these projects are to my district.”
Gov. Scott proposes additional $50 million for Lake O dike
Kimberly Miller
October 30, 2017  weather.
Gov. Scott proposes additional $50 million for Lake O dike
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