Welcome to Easton Public Schools

Welcome to Easton Public Schools

Easton, Connecticut
Native American Religion, Culture, Traditions, Beliefs and Spirituality
Before retirement our family traveled the New England area and when asked to we would teach at schools about our people.
The first thing that a family member would say when it was our turn to speak after a prayer.
A prayer to Creator for a blessing for our gathering that day.
Please do not take one person as the only way that our people held our ceremonies and our culture get at least a second opinion.
We never wore our regalia while teaching for two main reasons.
Our Regalia are not costumes; they are what our ancestors used to keep safe from the weather, insects, branches and animals and so on, Clowns wear costumes, only ‘non Native Americans’ wear regalia for show!
It was a great way to get curious students to start asking questions.
It was easier to pass our ancestors tools and regalia around the gathering while speaking

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