The governor of Florida has the power to ‘End Red Tide’, Period!

It is pretty sad when a political party’s only way to win your vote is to outspend an honest opponent by 20 to 1 in your media

Governor Rick Scott has had eight years (8), as your governor to ‘End Red Tide’; he has just been made a disgusting situation worse!
Give me your rich, your bonds, your silver and your gold and I will give you Florida!

Governor Rick Scott is calling one of the most honest politicians in congress a liar and a crook?
Governor is telling you that the most honest person in the senate is stealing from Social security and Medicare?
Governor Rick Scott,
look in the mirror for the person that is Florida’s crooked politician!
Rick Scott’s Email July 7, 2018
Rick Scott today I’m using my authority as governor to provide an additional $400,000.00 to help Lee County clean up from impacts related to red tide.

The only place the Florida’s governor has tried to clean up is the beaches around his property in South Florida!
Senator bill nelson has asked the CDC to determine the potential impact of red tide to the aglae
Lee County legislators ask Gov. Rick Scott to declare state of emergency because of algae problem