Shechaim is making a ‘Religious poll’?

Shechaim is making a ‘Religious poll’?
 If with ‘Creator’, watching and guiding me, there is no infringement to my follower’s beliefs?
Let’s start with Muslims?
let’s try this on ‘Jews’?
Traditionalist Gautama Buddha (the awakened one), followers.
A ‘Traditionalist Spiritual Native American’ would have to follow this same line of thinking?
‘Traditionalist believers’ in the (New Testament in the (bible), believe and follow the (Old Testament), belief that the ‘Messiah’ is (Jesus Christ)?
So, one would be hard pressed to find any (Traditionalist), that you could not trust to be honest to you?
This would also be the making of an honest politician.
While watching your favorite media, keep an eye on all of the politicians wanting your vote and judge them on their beliefs?
Even ‘Traditionalist believers’ in ‘No Religion’ want to vote for anyone that will be ruling over their lives for years. Want a person that can be trusted with the best for their family, home and job!