Nice guys always finish last!

Chris King
Nice guys always finish last!
Mr. Chris King is not comfortable talking about himself and his past accomplishments quietly doing good work for Floridians. This must stop?

John 8:32

First let’s meet the Chris Family?
Matthew 19:30; 20:16; Mark 10:31 and Luke 13:30. Both Matthew 19:30 and Mark 10:31
Chris King, a 38-year-old lawyer
bleeding-heart businessman
Harvard graduate
Jesus-loving philanthropist
by all accounts is gifted and creative.
But it’s not clear he fully grasps how nuts it is to throw much of his family’s nest egg into a campaign for Florida governor when nobody knows who he is and he has virtually no experience in government or campaigns.
Sounds like just what Floridians, this country and the world has been looking for, for almost 300 years!
He is not called a Christian, Evangelical, Protestant, Catholic or an Evangelical Protestantism?
Just a
“Follower of Jesus!”
King also developed the Elevation Global Initiative, which works on tree reforestation, fish farming and entrepreneurship training in Haiti and areas of Africa.
King is the first gubernatorial candidate to promise to refuse to accept campaign contributions from the Florida sugar industry.
King’s polling average is about 4.5%.

John 8:32