“Say No to the American Nightmare Mall.”

Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP)
“Just what Florida needs, another 8 years of corrupt republican rule after 20 plus, only this time by a so-called Democrat”!
Gwen Graham has made the environment one of the cornerstones of her campaign.
Her website declares,
“Graham has set herself apart from her Democratic opponents by showing she has the firmest grasp of the environmental issues Florida faces.”

American Dream Mall Could Become Gwen Graham’s Nightmare!
Environmental groups say it’s too close to the Everglades, threatens the region’s drinking water, could be swamped by rising seas and will require vast amounts of electricity.
“This place is a treasure-house of public lands, nature, wildlife and beauty,”
said Matt Schwartz, executive director of the South Florida Wildlands Association.
“There is nothing positive about this project whatsoever.”
Other opponents wore t-shirts that read
“No Mega-mall, No Traffic”
“Say No to the American Nightmare Mall.”

And that’s not all:

Another developer,

The Graham Companies,

plans a separate construction project adjacent to the mall that would include office space, retail and 2,000 apartments.