Adam Putnam just called you a fool!

Adam Putnam just called you a fool!
I am so tired of politicians telling me in the media, what is wrong with my country and what they will do to fix it and at no time telling me how they will fix it, because politicians lie!
I can name on my fingers, politicians that tell me the truth about what they can do to fix the problems and how they will do this.
You might not like my list so I challenge you into proving why you disagree.
Remember, I said, each has and will show how to fix the problem.
Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, Florida Senator Bill Nelson, President Barrack Obama, Florida’s Chris King and Hillary Clinton, just to name a few!
Name others that are showing a proven way to get it done.
Adam Putnam’s same lie!
Saturday, July 14, 2018
How much do you pay a ‘Cop’ to be in a ‘False ad’ with you?
The premise of the ad is centered around the spurious assertion that “taxpayers in Florida are paying nearly a hundred million dollars a year to imprison criminal illegal aliens.” Independent fact-checking site PolitiFact called that claim

“Mostly False.”
If he does not know, he is the fool for not knowing!