Vehicle fires in America?

Vehicle fires in America?
This can all be blamed on changing laws in the later years of the 1980’s!
I keep writing this but
‘No One is checking me out’?
Vehicle fires as with brakes not working, wheels falling off, Air bags injuring and killing people, steering wheels and pedals hang ups can mostly be blamed of humans!
Now vehicle manufacturers can cut corner and install inferior parts and parts manufacturing companies can do the same because no one in government is out to their plants checking the work!
KIA Car Fires (WESH 2 News Sunrise investigates), 4 hundred complaints now,
Vehicle Fires, Sean Kane safety research & strateges.
A WESH 2 News investigation of vehicle fires now has the government revealing it’s received at least 402 complaints of fires in vehicles built by Kia and sister company, Hyundai.
That’s according to complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and obtained by WESH 2 News.
Every Vehicle and every vehicle part is now made from some type of plastic junk, if there is medal it is light weight garbage.
Since the 1990’s workers fearing their job, can no longer speak up on your defense!