Welcome to Denver, Colorado

Welcome to Denver, Colorado
Thank-you for the visit to two of many of our postings about weddings in our culture.
Because of your question and the sites that you paid a visit to, one would guess that you was speaking about the (So Called), Non-Recognized tribes?
(Traditional) Native American Wedding Ceremony
Traditional Mohiigan Wedding Ceremony
August 19, 2016
Hundreds of elder couples
‘of all beliefs’
are married
‘in the eyes of Creator (God)’
So simple answer would have to be
(YES and NO).
As my followers will tell you, I never give only the simple answer.
Yes, we do have wedding ceremonies in our culture and yes they still are ongoing.
Yes, they are legal in the eyes of Creator (God)!
No, this government and its ‘casino Indians’ do not recognizes our culture or ceremonies!
Let’s see?
Governments or Creator (God)?

No so-called
‘Non-Recognized tribe’
wants this to change and this is one of the reasons.
In the culture of this
‘conquering government’,
if elder couples get divorced, the female and only the female, cannot re-marry unless (her ex) marries or dies without the loss of her social security?
So called mixed couples are not allowed to marry in this
‘conquering government’
So now hundreds of elder couples
‘of all beliefs’
are married
‘in the eyes of Creator (God)’,
still get to keep both of those hard-earned benefits!
Same with mixed relationship.
Because, if we are one of those
‘Non-Recognized tribe’
This ‘conquering government’, has no say because it does not ‘recognize’ our culture or ceremonies!
Now the biggest drawback is finding a (Traditional Native American Tribe)!
Because since the ‘Reagan Law’, Traditional Native American Tribe are being polluted into casino tribes.

Governments or Creator (God)?

You chose?