Toxic algae problems impacting election-year politics

Days After Criticism From Sen. Nelson, Governor Declares Emergency Over Algae Outbreak

Toxic algae problems impacting election-year politics
Wouldn’t this algae problem be placed on the shoulders of Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam & the governor of Florida for not doing their job?
‘Governor Pass the Buck Rick’ is trying to blame Senator Bill Nelson for our algae problem?
Senator Bill Nelson has to face a Republican controlled Florida Congress and a Federal Republican controlled congress just to try to get a bill to the floor let alone passed in congress.
Rick Scott has to get out of his own way to pass bills and does not need his republican controlled congress however, even he cannot because he has cut anything dealing with our climate!

Republicans point their finger at their opponents and do nothing year after year after year!
There was a devastating bloom in 2011 that blanketed the Indian River Lagoon, killing 73 square miles of seagrass beds and coinciding with the death of more than 500 manatees, dolphins and pelicans.
That same year Scott pushed through a big rollback of state growth management laws, regulations that had helped control development and its impacts, such as fertilizer runoff and human waste that leaks from septic systems.
Scott also slashed funding for the state’s water management districts, which play a big role in protecting waterways, and appointed board members that critics called too deferential to polluters. And he signed legislation in 2012 that repealed a state law mandating that septic tanks receive regular inspections to ensure they’re not allowing untreated waste to seep into water systems.