The following is a political ad, however?

The following is a political ad, however?
If the shoe fits?
This is also the ‘Truth’!

How many people in Washington have no home or land to go live in?
In Fact, how many politicians now in your congress state and federal must live in hotels, motel, and the street?
How many millionaire and billionaire ‘Service-Pac’s’ that are paying your politicians for favors, must live in hotels, motels, on the street or in the woods?
If you want the Puerto Rican Americans from the ‘Main Land’?
If you don’t like it that the Puerto Rican Americans are living in your hotels, motels and on your streets, get your president to hold to his own words!
“Help America First”!
You must vote to make your Islands states or cut them loose?
July 25, 1898
Dump the useless federal ‘FEMA’ and ‘ICE’ from your tax rolls they are yet another reason you need to work more than one job!
If you look back on our bout with Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, and storms.
FEMA is out to help themselves and not you!
ICE is now just another brutal arm of trumps laws!
Nine months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, families are still going without.
Without roofs over their heads, without power, without access to clean water.
Nine months.
So let’s call the “America First” gang what they are: hypocrites who are putting public safety at risk on American soil.
Sign the petition! Tell Congress not to abandon Puerto Rico.
We must restore and rebuild. Helping the people of Puerto Rico – American citizens – is our responsibility.
Sign the petition! Tell Congress not to abandon Puerto Rico