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“NRA Sellout” Adam Putnam

Adam Putnam’s office failed to run background checks on Florida concealed weapons permits for over a year
or more?
Posted By Monivette Cordeiro on Fri, Jun 8, 2018 at 4:22 PM
Just six days after Publix announced they would suspend political donations, the right-wing trade group Florida Retail Federation (FRF), which is heavily funded by the Lakeland-based grocery chain, donated $100,000 to Adam Putnam’s Florida Grown political action committee.
Five Other Companies Besides Publix That Gave Big Money to “NRA Sellout” Adam Putnam
JERRY IANNELLI | MAY 28, 2018 | 8:17AM
Florida gubernatorial candidate, Rick Scott ally, and self-proclaimed “Proud NRA sellout” Adam Putnam will pretty much take campaign money from anyone. Case in point:
He scheduled a fundraiser last week with a man who was previously videotaped repeatedly shooting two dogs. 
But one of Putnam’s big donors has spent the last week gravely regretting their financial support: Publix faced a “die-in” from Parkland survivors, led by David Hogg, over the $650,000 the grocery chain has given Putnam over the last three years. Gun-control advocates demanded Floridians boycott Publix until the company changes its ways — and, in response, Publix agreed to suspend its political donations and reevaluate where its money goes.
Trump-Backed Florida GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ducks Gun-Control Question
Five Reasons to #BoycottPublix Besides Its Support of “NRA Sellout” Adam Putnam
Florida Legislators Meet Day After Parkland Shooting to Relax Gun Background Checks


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