Welcome to Mountain View, California

Welcome to the city of Mountain View, California
One of our postings about Smudging.
Does smudging get rid of good spirits also?
Posting like this one keeps coming up on my tracker so I would like to keep with my answering.
Remember that you are as far west as you can get without getting your feet wet and I am as far east as I can get without getting my feet wet, with thousands of tribes in-between.
However, you did come to my tracker looking for an answer so I will give the best answer as it applies to our people over on the East coast.
First if I may, the tribes over on this coast did not use Sage or sweet grass until a visit to tribes over in the plains.
Our ancestors use herbs called (Kinnick-Kinnick).
Moiigans (Maïngan) News
I write without an apology; Because of the end time Evil in our land lately!


Taw-but-ni (Thank-you for the visit).

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