Look another ‘Truth Test’ about Rick Scott’s Ad’s!

Bill Nelson has working across the aisle to get bills done.
Walk softly work hard that’s (Senator Bill Nelson)!
Yet another ‘Truth Test’ by
Christopher Heath
Dr Aubrey Jewett
Because Rick Scott is out with another Lying Ad, new ad same old ‘Actors playing the part of Floridians!
Scott, “Floridians are not stupid people, we see that they are smart enough to be on to you!
Time for you to find another state like you did from Illinois and Missouri?
Truth Test Rick Scott’s political ad, once again half-truth.



Nelson has been in Florida politics since the 70’s

it is not true that he has done little!

Even in the last two years he has more bills than Republican Marco Rubio

and in a Republican state.
Now that’s working across the aisle.
Scott’s newest ad with the same actors and same results from
Truth Test’
Christopher Heath
Dr. Aubrey Jewett

If you are Rick Scott running against a proven winner,

what do you do?

Tell ‘half-truth and Lie!