Welcome to our visitor from Ogden, Utah

Welcome to our visitor from Ogden, Utah
One of our posting, this one about our ‘Keepers of the Sacred Fire’
A Female Fire-keeper
I believe, although I am no expert on this, Indian country does not allow female in on many if not all of their ceremonies.
If I may I would like to speak on a Female Fire keeper?
Pokanket (Wampanoag), are in the New England Area and ‘Traditional Tribes’ in and around it should still be a Matriarchal Society.
If you live in the Northeastern part of Native American Country and your ancestors are of this land, you are in the land of a tribe controlled by a Matriarchal Society.

If a male is telling a female to get out of any ceremony, gather your warriors and remove him from the land!
The Shechaim (Male or Female), runs the tribe and has clan mothers headed by a head Clan Mother.
Every ceremony in our culture is run by this Head Clan Mother, every one of them!
Barbara Kurfis September 22, 2017 at 5:51 PM
Thank You I am a Pokanket none as Wampanoag a lot of our culture is lost but I did find that Wetamoo was a fire keeper and a keeper of the lodge but now we have a fire keeper that is adopted my ancestors blood was spilled on the land the fire keeper is keeping the sacred fire he needed help so I offered he said no that I was a woman so I got upset because my ancestors blood was is in the land not his but I did not incest but did find out about Wetamoo sent it to our Sagamore? But thanks again
My answer at the time was
I am glad that you brought up your Sunksqua because it rattled my poor old brain about something that might interest you.
There is a difference between Indian Country, Native American Country and most if not all tribes in and from Canada.
Tribes like yours and mine (in and around New England), are of a Matriarchal and the leaders are Sunksqua/Sachem/Shechaim leadership with Clan Mothers running the tribe.
Indian country has Chief.
Canadian and tribes from Canada have Sagamore’s and the male runs the tribe.
I did meet the last decedent of the Massachusetts Wampanoag (Shechaim) many years ago.