PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS average $479.00 on school supplies

Please notice the operative words PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS! 
Shouldn’t your governor be excepting responsibility for this horrible attack on your teachers?


94% of teachers spend their own money on school supplies
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By Grace Sparks, CNN
Tue May 15, 2018
Almost all public school teachers — 94% — have spent some of their own money on school supplies without reimbursement, according to a survey done by the National Center for Education Statistics. The data was published on Monday and collected from 2014 to 2016.
On average, public school teachers spent $479 of their own money during two years. The median amount spent was $297. However, the plurality (44%) of teachers spent $250 or less
Nearly all public school teachers report digging into their pockets to pay for school supplies, spending nearly $480 a year, far more than the federal $250 tax deduction available to teachers.
The findings by the National Center of Education Statistics released Tuesday come as teachers across the country are walking out of classrooms to protest low pay and demand pay raises. Helping teachers pay for class supplies was a key demand during the Arizona teachers’ strike.
Ninety-four percent of public school teachers say they spent their own money on notebooks, pens and other supplies in the 2014-15 school year without reimbursement, according to the study. The average amount spent was $479. About 44 percent spent $250 or less, while 36 percent spent $251 to $500.
Currently, teachers who spend their personal money on children’s classroom needs are able to reduce their taxable income by $250.

Teachers pushed back strongly last year when the tax bill passed by the House called for eliminating the deduction altogether.

The Senate version of the bill, meanwhile, sought to raise the deduction to $500. In the end, the two chambers reached a compromise, and the deduction remained unchanged.
The amount of money spent depended on the school classification, community type, instructional level and the socioeconomic status of the students. Teachers who worked at charter schools were less likely to spend their own money, but the majority of charter school teachers (88%) did say they had spent their own money and they spent about the same amount as those in public schools.
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  1. Back when I was teaching, my salary was at its highest $20,000 a year. I always spent hundreds of dollars on supplies and treats for the class. It’s the kind of things that teachers do.

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