U.S., Britain and France Strike Syria over Suspected Chemical

Why did this country go to war with Syria?

U.S., Britain and France Strike Syria over Suspected Chemical
Just the last times we did this, it did not and will not work!
He is and will still kill innocent citizens of Syria!
Matthew 7:1-5
Why are we in the USA spending billions of our tax dollars policing other countries without other countries chipping in?
Why did this country go to war with Syria with only two other countries joining with us?

A much better idea at ending the acts of this butcher for all times would be.
The United Nations must force Russia and Iran from Syria once and for all.
If they do not, Expel them from the United Nations!
United Nations Member States
Force this butcher of his people out of the country with whatever it takes as long it is a joint movement with all of the countries in the Unites Nations, Russia and Iran not included unless?

Countries without a military to help do have money, do they not?
The United States of America needs to take care of the abuse in our country before a war with others!
Luke 5:32
Our poor are getting poorer, our middle-class in becoming the poor-class, our small business owners are going belly up and are joining our middle-class, poor.

Been there done that!