Orlando Magic Basketball what is it actually?

Orlando Magic Basketball what is it actually?
Magic fire Vogel after two seasons
If you are a fan of sports, in this case basketball, especially if you play or did play the game, you know the reason why the Magic can never become a great team without some (True Changes it the helm)!
I played basketball and was terrible at it.
However, I did have great coaches and teams to play on and against (school).
I also worked for a few companies in my 40 years.
So, this is the reason for this post.
At the beginning of my work after the military, owners of companies would hire a good manager and step back to enjoy life.
I have also worked for a few companies that used it as a play toy while thinking that they actually knew what they are doing!
Orlando Magic Basketball Team is and will always be a ‘play toy’ for the owner!
If you hire the best manager in the world and do not give this manager full control of your team you get what you paid for!

A play toy!

Good teams
Geno Auriemma comes to mind.
John Wooden comes to mind.
Krzyżewski. Just to name a few.
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